Gilbert on TV

Yeah, yeah, must be getting boring.
On top of the movies etc. I mentioned earlier, I received (finally) the DVD of two previous programs. If I feel too depressed I can always look at them to flatter my ego.

The Award ceremony of the event “60 Years – 60 Brands”

See: “60 Years – 60 Brands Seminar” on 10 June 2009:
On 18 August 09 we had the Award Ceremony in the CCTV studios, with a large audience and the award-winning Chinese brands. Their top executives were there to receive the awards. I also invited two others to join me: Mr. Frank Lyn (PWC, China Markets Leader) and Mr. Dirk Moens (Secretary General of the EUCCC). We had to welcome a different group of winners. The program was shown on CCTV 2. Among the 60 brands honored, there were the obvious ones, such as Li Ning, Beijing Finance Street, Tsingtao, Bank of China, Alibaba, etc.
Up-Close, shown on 13 Sept 09
Some more screen shots of the DVD (with the annoying copyright notice).
I’ve been surprised that so many people saw it – even in countries like Belgium.

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