Do we really need so many clothes?

Interesting article in China Daily – as I mention in my book, do we really need so many clothes? So many pairs of jeans, shoes, suits, dresses? Look into your wardrobe and ask yourself how much of all those clothes you actually use, and how often. I always tell family and friends, please don’t buy me more stuff (even if “it was on sales and so cheap”). I think I have enough for a couple of years. Knowing what it takes to get a jeans or even a T-shirt, the need for cotton, other fibers, the water and energy to produce it all. Not even to talk about the factories where workers slave to make it. And are fortunate not to get work-related diseases or die in a factory fire. The point here is not to make them lose their jobs but at least to pay them a reasonable salary and give them humane working conditions. We buy less but pay more.
When less is more: Tiffany Tan explores the “capsule wardrobe”; “With consumerism and fast fashion booming in China, Tiffany Tan susses out if the Chinese are ready for capsule wardrobes – a collection of only a few essential pieces that can be mixed and matched.”

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