China needs to break the barriers to innovation

See the SCMP editorial, 18 April, 2013:
The article mentions:  “Not a single Chinese firm made it onto the respected consultancy Interbrand’s last list of the world’s top 100 brands.” and looks at some of the causes.
I can’t agree more, I also state the same in my seminars and public talks. I was several times asked to talk in public events on “famous Chinese brands” and pointed out the weaknesses of Chinese brands (even if they actually are pretty good). Other weak points are poor design of their websites, the unwillingness to hire or pay overseas consulting and other services and the rigid Chinese-way operating styles. As I tell our Chinese counterparts: in the eighties you said we had to “adapt to Chinese way” when doing business in China. Now Chinese should do the same in other countries. I also openly criticized the poor PR of Chinese sponsors during the 2008 Olympics: so many chances missed. But you can as well talk to a brick wall.

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