Julong Garden: satanic management and Julong riots

Julong Garden where we stay has a typical poor Chinese management. Totally hopeless. They constantly repair stuff everywhere without a clue so it has to be repaired again the next year. They spent money on painting the rain drain pipes. As it turns out, they chose cheap paint not suitable for the zinc pipes so after some months it starts peeling off. Ugly, would be better not painting at all. I can guess some people make a business out of it.
In 2004 we even had a revolt in the compound, many owners tried to bring in a new management and it turned out real ugly. Two management teams were here at the same time, the “security guards” facing each other so the riot police was brought in. Of course, the original management has its “friends” in the police (need I explain why???) who supported them as the management had warned and it all ended in frustration and status quo. Of course, as usual the “Chinese side” has mountains of excuses, lame as usual, such as that the case even went to court. Not even worth commenting on.
Foreign real estate management have lots to do here.
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Some pics of the rallies, confrontations, nicely supported by the useless “police” (coming in several vans), one was shooting a movie about the “disturbance” and we both ended up with our own little confrontation. Don’t be surprised and confused: police and security teams all look alike with their uniforms.
Tenants here have no rights. Just pay, shut up and continue with the bad service. Plain corruption, must be one more of the sources of all those nice cars driving around in Beijing, thanks to foreigners being milked, from day one through grossly inflated sales prices for the biggest junk apartments, badly designs, badly built, badly maintained up to the extent it would make a nice case study. Not to wonder that most tenants (like us) just brake down the buildings to the concrete structure and then start again from scratch: the compound is a continuous construction site. We actually “invented” chimneys here: there were none, so ventilation of the kitchen, bathroom, toilet piping etc. was going nowhere (read: smell it everywhere). After I argued for many months, my super engineer Sun agreed to drill the concrete ceiling and install piping plus chimney. Voila, we have the best and biggest chimney. Others saw and copied.

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Julong Garden – Satanic management: a moment of unseen auto criticism

Well at least they now admit they are satanic. This compound is “foreigner” but they even lack the good sense to ask some to check their nonsense posters.

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See here all what we are not allowed to do: not even using artillery nor bonfires near the gas station! Where’s democracy?

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