Beijing’s first pole dancing school – all thanks to China Daily

Guys, belly dancing is old-fashioned. Valerie (see earlier blogs) has been an enthusiastic student. Now, make way to pole dancing. All according to China Daily’s website. Now what da ya say over there. Not sure you have THAT in your developed country.

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A dance instructor shows a move to students at Roland pole dancing school in Beijing in this December 9, 2006 file photo. Treadmills are run-of-the-mill — Luo Lan wants the Chinese masses to pole dance instead. [Reuters]

China Daily’s website has become more exciting by the day. We really don’t need Playboy Magazine here. Carnival in Argentina, no problema. They have it all. Must be a shock to many who think we are here in a backward country.

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Recent pic on CD’s website – Argentina’s Carnival

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