May 4th – killer traffic – mad drivers

I had just finished my workout at PowerHouse Gym, between Swissotel and Fuhua Building and passed through Dongzhong Street, in the back (east side) of those buildings. Time: about 18:30.

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I ran straight into a major traffic accident that just happened – people were lying on the street and the police and ambulance had not arrived yet.

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As far as I could understand, workers had finished work (yup, during the Golden Week Holidays, Beijing actually never stops), were crossing that “quiet” street and were moved down by a speeding black Audi. I saw three workers lying at great distance from each other in the middle of the street (the pics show only two), shoes everywhere. They were a bit bloodied but not too badly injured. The fourth victim was behind the Audi, unconscious and probably not that great – the Audi was badly damaged at the front, lifting the poor guy up – he smashed into the front windshield that was completely hollowed out.
The Audi did not leave any brake marks on the road and apparently stopped only by crashing into a parked car.
I could not figure out what really happened as the 4 workers were all so far from each other and shoes in between. Clearly the Audi must have been speeding like crazy in that small street to create such a carnage. I think the driver ran away…
Welcome to Beijing. The drivers are becoming really worse, dangerous and have zero regard for others.
Now you know why I still did not use my driver’s license. Saves carbon emissions and also my nerves.
(pics taken with my mobile, in the late evening, so quality is soso)

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