The Mongolia Marathon – I take the challenge!

Despite all good advice from family and others, I decided to join the very challenging “Mongolia Marathon”, that will take place in Mongolia on 4 July 2007. Well, at least I “only” run the Marathon. The other choice is the 100 Km. The circuit is very hard:
The event course follows a lakeside single track north of Camp Toilogt through woods and over windblown lowlands for the first 12 Km. You run in the dark, in a forest – the start is at 4:30 am. Runners (grand total maybe 60 or 70?) need their own flashlight to try to find the track. Temperature in 2005 was 2C at the start. In the next 5 Km, the course departs the lake (altitude 1650 meters) and heads up over 700 meters into the mountains to spectacular views and 2,300 meter Chichee Pass.
That’s not the only mountain in the circuit… Later in the day, temperature can go up to 30C. Or it can rain…
One also needs to carry a substantial survival kit:
Band-aid & disinfectant (open wounds, blisters) – Elastic band (sprained ankle/knee) – Antiseptic wound cream for sores – Muscle relaxant, chili plaster or poultice in case of stiff neck, pinched nerves or injured muscles – vitamin C and other cold medicine – stomach medicine (diarrhea) – your preferred pain killer/aspirin – Rain proof gear for top and bottom – One emergency blanket – One whistle, one note pad and 2 small plastic bags – Emergency food: one bar of Swiss military chocolate – The course map and profile – Compass – One scarf of your own (100 x 30 cm approximately) or equivalent cloth (useful also as a bandage or splint) – Your own liquid containers with a minimum capacity of 1.5 liters – Water disinfecting tablets.
Some of those are provided by the organizers.
The organizers have a nice website, see: Mongolia Sunrise to Sunset (
Wish me luck… Two months of hard training ahead.

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