The energy police: again?

See other article from “Beijing Today” of 16 June: Beijing sends in the energy police
Quick, check the thermostat – the energy police are on patrol. Businesses in Beijing will have to be more aware of their energy use after the city formed a team to monitor energy-saving practices in response to the central government’s calls to cut consumption in big cities, state media reported. It quoted team leader Huang Qian as saying the “energy-saving police” will check if energy consumption in offices, hotels, schools, shopping malls and other big buildings meets national standards. A special phone number has been set up so the public can report buildings that fail to conform to the rules, Xinhua said. End of article.
OK, isn’t that great! But in the usual “transparency” the “special phone number” is not mentioned. For obvious reasons, the former vice mayor kindly and officially explained to me the energy police has no legal power to enforce the regulations. That was in 2006. At least he was one of the few officials to give a clear answer. I doubt today things are better. I’d love to denounce a couple of buildings, especially in winter time when you are dried out by hot air of 28 to 30C. Like in Powerhouse Gym.
As far as I know, the rules-to-be set indoor winter temperatures at 20C max and summer temperatures at 26C max. Yes, I know, hard to imagine in Beijing.

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