Access Asia: no love lost for Haibao

Access Asia reported recently on the travails of Shanghai 2010, in its usual caustic sarcarm (they beat me by far!):
And Finally…
If Haibao isn’t Up to the Job,
Perhaps it’s Time to Call to Call Bob?
It appears that, so far, Haibao has proved incapable of saving America from national embarrassment over their tent at the Toxic EXPO. There’s still no cash, except from those guys that invented Post-it Notes. Well, sitting in cinemas with the kids over the Easter holidays, we noticed while snoozing through Monsters Vs Aliens another blue monster type thing who, when called upon, was able to step up and save America – it’s time for B.O.B. to come to the rescue and save Pavilion USA!

All smiles and a nicely dated quaff, but so far useless to the Yankees in their bid to build some sort (come on guys…any sort) of EXPO tent
Fresh from saving America from the aliens meet Bob
It’s time to save EXPO US 2010 – Monsters vs Tight-Arsed Funders
If Haibao is a condom, then Bob must be the…
[note: for some, Haibao looks like a condom! Up to you… And as for Bob… not printable here!]

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