Green Cards in Beijing

During the Up-close interview on CCTV9 I was asked to show my Chinese Green Card.
A question I often receive is, how many have been handed out. I still have no idea for China overall (1,500?), but we now know how many were given in Beijing in total.
See here translation (part) from a Xinhua article:
Xinhua – Beijing August 23, Beijing police disclosed that the “approval of permanent residence of foreigners in China Management Measures” the implementation of five years, the capital of a total of 311 foreigners to obtain permanent residence in China.
According to the Beijing Municipal Public Security Bureau Deputy Director Xu Jie introduced in 2004 the State Council promulgated and implemented the “foreigners permanent residence in China for approval management approach.” In 5 years, the Beijing Municipal Public Security Bureau received a total of 35 countries involving foreigners in Beijing, submitted 371 applications approved by the Ministry of Public Security, there are 311 foreigners to obtain permanent residence in China.
This reporter has learned in Beijing Foreigners For eligible to apply for permanent residence in China, subject to certain conditions and provide relevant evidence. Such as the famous scientific award winner, world-renowned scholars, entrepreneurs, athletes, writers and artists to provide access to a world influence or of great value to the scientific research evidence and other materials, may be approved due to outstanding contributions to permanent residence in China.
In addition, the Chinese citizen or permanent residence in China to foreigners, their spouses apply for permanent residence status in China will take marital relationship continues to exist at least five years and has been at least five years continuous residence in China each year residence in China of not less than 9 months, have a stable life to protect and shelter, you can submit an application
According to statistics, to obtain permanent residence in Beijing, the 311 foreigners in 39 working type, outstanding contribution type 37, reunion type 123 people, expatriates renewal 112.
As far as I know I belong to the category of “outstanding contribution”. The expatriates renewal seems to cover “special” Chinese returnees with a foreign passport.

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