Oct 1 Parade last pictures

Been busy like hell and I needed time to go through the 2GB of pictures we all collected. Thanks to the Xinhua photographer who was with us on the float (I call it the BOAT) – he gave many high definition pics. Some of the pictures come from others, bit difficult to keep track.
There are some nice shots of the other foreigners walking along the float, including our daughter Valerie.
The pics show the actual parade once we started moving along Chang’an Avenue towards Tiananmen, till we passed Zhongnanhai and then turned away from the avenue much further to get to our bus.
It’s all now far behind us and life is back to normal (crazy, crazy).

This is the last series, I made a personal choice of the ones I liked most. We clearly had fun but we were also impressed by the massive amount of people – most of them enthusiastic and a bit surprized to see foreigners.
We also met, most of us, for a dinner at The Taj Pavillion (World Trade Center), organized and funded by our Indian “star” Manish Chopra, on 10 October. It was a fun evening with excellent Indian food. See also some pics.

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