Yes, snow in Beijing

Maybe for many, snow is nothing to write about.
But in Beijing, today on 1 November I woke up in disbelief. I hard heard rain in the night and we were happy to have stayed home, instead of heading to Suzie Wong for the Halloween bash. Instead we had 2 hours massage at home – I occasionally dozed off but managed to review 4 Chinese lessons anyway. I call this maximum efficiency: having a rest, enjoying a good traditional massage and learning Chinese.
So, I wake up and it’s all white. According to the Chinese calendar it’s “September” (whatever that means). Early for snow. Outside around 2C and inside, well, no heating, as the CCP orders heating as from 15 November.

See here real exceptional pics – for Beijing at least. All from our headquarters in Julong Garden. As we had a rather mild automn, most of the leaves are still on the trees…

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