Understanding Belgium

This is a great introduction to the greatest country in the world, well let me explain, the greatest because we have the highest quantity of ministers who all love to visit China.
Watch this clip but prepare a stiff drink and/or an aspirin. Better, try not to understand, and later go to Morel’s Restaurant or The Tree, have some Belgian Fries, Belgian Beer, Belgian mussels.
At least we as Belgians do not take ourselves that seriously and we are not putting national flags all over the place and at anytime, as Americans and Chinese love to do.
A short animated film about the Belgian political structure.
The text was written by Marcel Sel, a Belgian writer, author of Walen Buiten, a best-seller on the «Belgian Crisis».
The music was specifically composed by Laurent Aglat for the film, and Emma Dornan’s beautiful voice gave the commentary its magical tone.
The film was directed by Jerome de Gerlache.

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