Sexy Pole dancing in Beijing

Yes, we have. Zeta Bar at the Hilton held one more pole dancing competition on Saturday 13 November – I had missed the first one in May. The bar was fully packed and we “did not have a seat”. Lucky us, we were sent upstairs where we ended up having the best view of all. A bit difficult to take pictures with my rather modest camera, here are the best shots. I also took some good video but I need to work on the clips and then upload them on YouTube. Keep posted.
Some of the girls were great and “attractive”, can’t say more, my wife was there too!. The guy is actually the teacher and did more of an acrobat act. All great to watch.

I had intended to stay till midnight but the whole family decided to watch till the very end and we were back home at 2am. The next day I had to talk in a seminar inside the Birds Nest… But that went all OK.
Makes us forget a bit about the pollution!

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