Don’t only point the finger at China

Yes, we have many problems here in China. But as I mentioned in my book, we should not always point the finger at China. See here what still happens in the biggest democracy in the world:
“Just two months before full implementation of a landmark 2010 law mandating that all Indian children between the ages of six and 14 be in school, some 28 million are working instead, according to Unicef. Child workers can be found everywhere – in shops, kitchens, farms, factories and construction sites. The Indian Parliament may soon consider yet another law to ban child labour, but even activists say that more laws, while welcome, may do little to solve one of India’s most intractable problems.”
Read the full story:
Child labour in India rife despite tough laws
Indian authorities fail to crack down on bosses despite a ban on youngsters working down pits
27 February, 2013 – SCMP
The New York Times in Khliehriat

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