Beijing celebrated Swedish National Day in style!

On 6 June we were invited to the National Day Celebration in the Swedish embassy. The evening started not so well with a big rain but had decided to go anyway. That was a clever decision.
Arriving at the embassy, under a drizzle, we immediately got our big umbrellas that we happily took home. Their quality seems better than the ones I once got at the EU delegation: those broke down the same day..
Sweden is not exactly a “big country” so we were totally amazed by the scale and the variety of the celebration. If I understood right, 1,500 people were invited, that would be more than the mega-reception each year in the EU Delegation. I wonder how that compares with another great mega-celebration each year in the Polish Embassy. Well, the embassy is not only very nice (probably one of the few good-looking ones) it is also pretty huge as we discovered. The food and the drinks were great, performances were great and everybody seemed to have a good time. We also met some old friends, and made new ones. And the skies became friendlier.

I won’t give all details of what went on, just look at the pics. See the ambassador’s welcome, Robert Wells Trio & Vocalettes (the new ABBA) and the dance around the maypole.
I just hope we get invited again next year!