Chinese invent? electricity from hot water

Our office has seen some strange and interesting people. I still remember receiving, many years ago, the inventor of the e-cigarette. I thought it was weird and not “interesting”, and ended up losing the original documentation he had given us. Oh well, the rest is history (and the poor guy actually was virtually eliminated from the booming market…). How one can underestimate/miscalculate!

Just recently we had some Chinese coming to our office to demonstrate their range of new inventions (most all “patented”). Some are combinations of wind energy and other.
They demonstrated (in our much loved kitchen) how they generated electricity by inserting their “generator” in hot water. And yes, the LED lamp worked. They have a series of equipment to generate electricity from … hot water.
But oh well, they are not the first. This technology has been around for some time, a Google search gave a lot of answers:

Observe the large set of cooling fins: they are there to make the temperature difference (in the first link Panasonic uses cold water).
So, this is not going to be a power revolution…

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