2021 UWEE Louvre International Art Exhibition

In the Louvre

On 18 January the 2021 UWEE Louvre International Art Exhibition was featured in a small event.
UWEE (Union of Western & Eastern Education) cooperated with the United Nations World Food Program to organize the 2021 UWEE Louvre International Art Exhibition with the theme of “ONE WORLD· ONE FUTURE.”

The purpose is to participate in art creation on an equal footing, and convey the good wishes of peace to the world. This art exhibition was held at the Louvre in Paris, France, in January 2022. See some pictures of the exhibition in the Delorme Hall of the Carrousel du Louvre.

Parallel Exhibition

On 18 January 2022 the chairman of the Organizing Committee of UWEE Louvre International Art Exhibition, Gilbert Van Kerckhove, attended the 2021 UWEE “One World One Future” Louvre International Art Parallel Exhibition in the no. 31 Courtyard of Xishiku, Xicheng District, Beijing.

Mark Levine, one of our foreign experts also joined and gave a song performance. Mark and Gilbert were both interviewed by the Chinese media.
In the exhibition we could admire the children’s art work from many countries such as China, Cuba, USA, The Netherlands, Thailand, Sri Lanka, Belarus, Austria among other.

See the official article in Chinese:
19 January 2022
Art Exhibition Nine Thoughts Going to the World – “One World One Future” 2021 UWEE Louvre International Art Exhibition Beijing Xicheng District Parallel Exhibition

Speeches by Ms. Sun Yuhong, General Manager of Jiusi Cultural and Creative Park, Mark Levine, Gilbert and others.
Very soon the certificates will be given to the winning young artists.

Also shown: the video with good wishes of Gilbert and some views of the exhibition in Paris.

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