The Roaring Twenties: our great Rotary Ball

As reported earlier, on 15 June we had our yearly Rotary Ball, in the new Four Seasons Hotel.
We had over 350 guests, lots of fun, a main band and also a Musical Duo, Camille & Arnaud, who performed in the lobby outside – we all loved to sit there and enjoy their great singing.
We had a “Photobooth”, assisted by Rotaract volunteers, the volunteers also went around to sell many raffle tickets. Rotaract got two tables with a nice discount in exchange.

We ourselves had our own table, joined by Peter and his wife; we all had a group picture. Once again I was surrounded by many Chinese ladies (how does that happen?). Happy to have our daughter Valerie at our side, shining as usual.
Also happy to see again the ambassador of Poland and of Benin.

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