WTC3: still lost in Beijing haze

See here how Tower 3 of World Trade Center looks this morning. Same as yesterday. According to the Beijing Environmental Bureau, pollution index remains at a bit over 90 but in my area it could be rather 100-105. Again, PM10 particles still to blame. While that is much better than usual, a level of 100 is definitely NOT good for your health according to WHO criteria.

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Not a nice view. No wind to dispel the humidity that probably helps to catch the particles. The camera can hardly focus… For the 2008 Olympics, that will be the challenge. Even without the particles in the air, the windless and humid air can be a challenge for all, and there is little or nothing anybody can do about it. Except if the army installs some real big fans to blow it all away (just kidding). As I always say, pollution will not be a problem for the Games – but instead of a beautiful blue sky this is the other scenario where nobody is to blame. Let’s just hope for the best.

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