The movie on Gilbert is finished!

In June 2006 I got a strange call that worried me a bit at first. It was the State Council, Information Office. Not exactly the people you want to mess with. Was it my vicious blog?
As it turned out, they wanted to make a movie about me, related to the 2008 Olympics.
The shooting took a long time, started I think in August 2006 and ended sometime in early 2007. Then, nothing until August when we received the DVD. Cool. In all, thirty minutes documentary about me as one of the people who have helped Beijing to prepare for the Olympics.

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the interview in our meeting room – shooting in my private office

My patience was rewarded, fortunately the crew were all nice people and we got along quite well. And no, I did NOT bribe them though you will sure think so when you watch the movie.
They dug up old footage from CCTV5 and other TV stations, delved in my family pictures. The result is well done.
The documentary will be shown worldwide on Chinese TV channels and also on national stations in China, I guess CCTV5 and others. Time has not been set yet, segments about other foreigners are still waiting to be completed.
For the photo gallery of the shooting, click the following link:

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