Gilbert and Chinese qipao

Yes, as some of my friends say, I get involved in “many things”.
One is the official setup of the World Qipao Association. It is connected to my role in the International Gongfu Committee. (don’t try to understand!)
On 13 October 2015 in Changbaishan International Hotel (Beijing) an event was held showing the traditional culture of qipao.
To illustrate a little the event see here my short speech before handing over the registration certificate to the qipao ladies:

” Ladies and gentlemen, dear friends, good morning!
Today we convey our congratulations to the World Qipao Association to become a subsidiary of the International Gongfu Committee. We hope Chinese qipao culture can be promoted in the world. Already many foreigners are familiar with qipao but more can be done because the dress is really charming and elegant, a famous fashion statement for Chinese ladies.
Gongfu shows men’s beauty and strength, qipao shows ladies’ soft beauty.
We today celebrate the start of the NGO program for “China No Cancer”. We wish both undertakings a big success!”

The event was really charming. I think never so many ladies have been taking pictures with me!

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