The Rotaract Club of Beijing in action

In Beijing we only have one Rotary Club, due to Chinese restrictions. Also, we are not allowed to have Chinese passport holders as members of Rotary.
Under the umbrella of the Rotary Club of Beijing, we also have the “young generation”: Interact, up to 18 years old (established in Dulwich College), and Rotaract, the 18 to under 30 group.
Rotaracters are mostly young professionals (trying to make it) and students. An interesting mix of young people from different corners of the world, USA, Peru, Iceland, Germany, Thailand, New Zealand, Hong Kong, Czech Republic, … We also welcome local Chinese volunteers as friends of Rotaract and some have been helping us greatly.
I am the liaison person between Rotary and Rotaract, a role I love because our Rotaracters are so dynamic and full of ideas. Sometimes I wonder how they manage to do all the activities. I have been a member of Rotary in Beijing since many years.
We mostly meet on Monday evening 8 pm in Brussels Restaurant, in Sanlitun.
Last week on 11 March we had the President of our Rotary Club coming over to talk about his colorful life and career, and how he landed in Beijing. David Van Mierendonk is a U.S. citizen, from Brooklyn, as he loves to stress. Our present Rotaract president is, by coincidence, also from the USA: Ian Curtiss.

We all loved David’s talk and many people tuned up.
For more info on Rotaract in Beijing:

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