More INDUS interviews

Skype video or audio

Recently I had more INDUS interviews. Indus news is first international news channel of Pakistan.
Depending on their technical situation we use Skype video or audio with the mobile.

Program on 15 April 2020

“As the coronavirus disrupts businesses all over the world, it also offers an opportunity for online businesses and e-commerce. We take a look at how the world of online shopping is being impacted by the  pandemic. We also discuss the necessary pre-cautions that sellers and consumers need to take in order to observe SOPs (Standard Operating Procedure)  and avoid any form of transmission.”
Its a recorded program by Meshal Malik.
Link of the program:

Climate change & income inequality

Meshal Malik was again the host on Indus News on 4 August 2020. My focus was Climate change & income inequality, themes in my book Toxic Capitalism (

See the link:
Indus Special | Parents’ role in education | Climate change & income inequality | Ep 411| Indus News

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